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Cuts and wounds: What to do?

Cuts and wounds are quite common accidents when working in the kitchen or when we practice any hobbies like DIY or gardening. When this happens, what to do? First, wash your hands, because you have to take extra hygiene or cut the wound does not get infected. It is best to clean the wound with soap and water directly or normal saline. In this way, we prevent the wound from any dirt that may be a source of infection and, therefore, prevents the cure and heals normally.

wounds and cuts

Then, apply gauze soaked in disinfectant (better iodine) and then cover the wound with clean gauze secured with a bandage or tape. At the time of disinfecting wound there must not be used cotton (by the debris can stick to the wound), or alcohol or antibiotic ointments or powders.

Wounds and cuts: Severe cases

Although most wounds and cuts are not serious, in some cases the situation can be a bit more complicated. In that cases require immediate medical help. Act with order, serenity and tranquility is as important as knowing what steps to follow. Alarm will not help or control the situation or more appropriate care to the injured.

It is considered that this is a serious case when a large object stuck in the wound. Do not remove the object before you go to the emergency, as this may cause bleeding or other damage to the affected area. Moreover, in these cases, it may be necessary to administer the tetanus vaccine.

When the wound is deep it should be covered with clean gauze to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. Indeed, if the bleeding does not stop you should make a compression on the bleeding area.

Another serious injury is when there is an amputation. In these cases, you have to keep the amputated part in a closed plastic bag and place it in the ice bowl. Compress the affected area to prevent bleeding.

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