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Dental Health: Covers or implants?

Before choosing the answer should take into account a number of issues on both alternatives so that our choice does not generate doubts. Not only is a matter of aesthetic result but also the price, because the truth is that the cost of the implants can multiply to the covers. Also keep in mind each particular case, because the implants, although its use is widespread in the last decade, it is also an alternative to more invasive because there to drill the bone.

covers or implants

Covers or implants to continue maintain a beautiful smile? The question opens the door to others. What is the most recommended? How do they differ?, Does the price influences? Before choosing must take into account the opinion of the specialist, as ultimately we are talking about not just a cosmetic issue, but health, the health of our mouth in this case.

In recent years, implants have become widespread, but still cover an alternative especially in those cases in maintaining the health of the enamel and, despite the passage of time, have only been lost some parts of the dental pieces. It is also a valuable alternative for smokers.

The covers are often made of porcelain, ceramic or most novel zirconium. It is placed on the tooth when you have broken a part by accident or decay, without root is affected. In the case of the covers, can be placed on a single tooth or multiple (the known bridge). You must choose a color from the cover that matches the tone of the rest of the teeth.

The covers are a less invasive technique, since as we have seen there is no need to drill the bone to place a new piece, as with the implant. This is one of its advantages, like its price, as it is quite lower than the implants.

We talked about the benefits, but have drawbacks? According to the specialists, covers require extreme dental hygiene to avoid problems of encouragement to get up. The covers, in the long run, are can finish felt, since the gum tends to retract and the maxilla to undermine, by which rows will appear in the corners and folds. The covers also may hinder the bite as before and, in the case of bridges may be necessary to lower the support pieces, so that it may give a healthy piece.

Implants: When and for whom?

The implants are made of titanium or hydroxyapatite. Among its advantages to consider is its duration are designed to last 15 years or more, do not move and do not see the difference with the rest of the teeth. It is recommended in cases of dentures in poor condition or when you have lost a significant number of teeth.

However, before performing the implant must be made a study of the bone, so an alternative is not always recommended, especially in the case of diabetics or women with severe osteoporosis. The time between tooth loss and implant should not exceed six months, and bone volume is lost and this will hinder the screw anchor.

The postoperative can be annoying (pain, swelling) and, in some cases, the implant fails, for example because the jaw is not tolerated. However, its success rate is very high and the aesthetic result is perfect.

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