Muscle knots: how to break them

Muscle knots are caused by tension in the muscles that can be caused by different reasons, but in most cases have something in common, and that is very painful.

muscle knots

As we all know how annoying that is to suffer from these ailments, today we are going to offer a few tips that can alleviate as much as possible these uncomfortable knots.

The muscle knots are caused by a buildup of lactic acid when our muscles are too tight, and this causes a pain that can sometimes be quite strong.

The most common areas in which we can form knots are the neck, back and shoulders and may be due to different reasons. On the one hand may be caused by excessive exercise or conversely, the lack of mobility in this area, but also the stress or anxiety are factors that can generate this ailment.

Horrible muscle knots

It is not easy to break muscle knots but keep in mind these tips that today we offer you and you’ll see how you feel much better:

  • Apply on the area that hurts alternately for hot and cold with changes in temperature, the muscles to relax. Or you can take a bath that will relax or apply the spray of the shower directly in the area where you have the knot.
  • You must carefully do stretches to relax the area, and if you have any practice time specialized relaxation exercise that also uses stretching as tai chi or yoga, you can even do it at home.
  • You can take an anti-inflammatory but it is not good that self medicate so that in these cases it is preferable to first consult with your doctor, and if you need something stronger than it he is is the person who may prescribe.
  • Although you just alleviated in a timely manner, if you have some topical cream is good to apply it in the knot area and if you’re going to give a massage begin it previously.
  • One of the best solutions if you have money is to go to a massage specialist, as they are the experts and know how to get rid of these uncomfortable and painful knots. Of course you can always learn to break them to yourself since being too tight in the aching zone and circular motion you can feel a great relief. Also you can also do this with the help of a ball.

Our day to day full of stress, poor posture, etc.., can be made to leave us knots constantly, so try to alleviate them with these tips so that you don’t hinder your daily routine.

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