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Dental Implants Are the Long-Lasting Solution to Missing Teeth

The Dental Centre is able to offer patients a long-lasting solution to missing teeth. Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth, to replace multiple missing teeth, or even to replace a complete arch. Dental implants are also ideal for stabilising loose dentures which can be a major problem amongst those who have worn dentures for a while.

dental implants

Can Anyone Have Dental Implants?

Most people will be able to benefit from this technology, but it isn’t the right choice for everyone. You will only be able to discover if it’s an option for you through visiting a dentist for a full consultation. You do need to have a certain amount of healthy bone to support dental implants, and you must be in good general and oral health.

If you smoke then you will need to give up prior to surgery and will need to refrain from smoking while the implant is healing. Implant surgery has an extremely high success rate, but certain factors such as smoking can impede healing and can greatly increase the failure rate. If you have certain medical conditions that are systemic (affect your whole body) then implant surgery might not be right for you. This is because these types of conditions can often interfere with healing.

Dental Implant Surgery

The actual implant surgery ensures patients benefit from expert planning and implant placement. The surgical procedure to place an implant is very straightforward. Most people will be comfortable having this procedure while having just a local anaesthetic, but anyone having multiple implants may require extra sedation.

Once your implants have healed, then you can receive your final restorations. This could be a crown, a bridge or an implant supported denture. Your implants should last many years, provided they are properly cared for, so this treatment is quite cost-effective in the longer term. It is very important that you keep them clean, and that you attend regular check-ups to ensure your implants are in good condition.