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Drunkorexia: A new eating disorder, causes and effects

What is drunkorexia? Behind this name hides a dangerous combination of two disorders that can put at serious health risk: anorexia and alcoholism.

The drunkorexia, also called alcohorexia or ebriorexia, is a serious eating disorder in which the calories of the meal are replaced by those of the alcohol. Or put another way, those who suffer from it, choose not to eat, or do it in small quantities, to be able to keep drinking, because the obsession adds no fat.

suffers from drunkorexia

One gram of alcohol translates into approximately 7 kcal, although, replace daily calories which we report the alcoholic drinks (a can of beer, 110 calories; or a glass of wine, 80) is an error with consequences for our organism and, in particular, as experts warn, among the young and women.

And, in the case of women, the negative effects may be greater, mainly affecting the liver and heart, even taking less amount and for a shorter period of time. The consumption of alcohol, and poor feeding in nutrients, also causes cognitive impairment. In addition to the abuse of alcohol, drunkorexia combined with other behaviors such as giving food binge and then induce vomiting.

It should be noted that eating disorders are much more dangerous if a chronic disease like diabetes is treated.

Drunkorexia Causes

Experts point to two main causes behind the drunkorexia. On the one hand, the obsession imposed by image and by being as thin as possible and, on the other, the social acceptance of alcohol consumption.

However, alcohol abuse, especially among the young, can be a very dangerous cocktail when accompanied by other behaviors or harmful addictions, since often the alcohol consumption goes accompanied by other substances.

Drunkorexia Effects

There are a number of signals, in addition to the high consumption of alcohol, which can alert us that a person suffers from drunkorexia, as a significant loss of weight, accompanied by physical deterioration (swelling of the face, loss of skin color, dental problems, hair loss, gastrointestinal problems), increased irritability, conducts of social isolation, concentration difficulties or fainting. Physical and psychological symptoms caused by poor diet as for the alcohol abuse.

As for the treatment of drunkorexia, on one side you have to treat alcohol addiction and, secondly, correct bad eating habits and adopt a nutritional balance, so the patient will require the attention of therapists and nutritionists.