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Tips to prevent tooth sensitivity in summer

The tooth sensitivity (in medical terms dentine hypersensitivity) is an annoying pain caused by exposure of the dentin (internal area of the tooth) to linking external stimulus, such as food or too hot or cold drinks.

tooth sensitivity in summer

It may also appear to take food or acidic drinks, soft or too sweet. The intended, under normal conditions, is not exposed, since tooth enamel acts as a protective shield, so we notice twinges of pain when taking this type of food, and it is not something timely, you should consult with your dentist to confirm or rule out if there is a problem of worn enamel, a splintered tooth or beginning of caries (tooth sensitivity also causing). With age, in addition, gums tend to retract.

Although it may appear at any time, the fact is that in summer the chances of suffering dental sensitivity are higher because of the need to take, especially more cold drinks to quench the heat and hydrate. For very suggestive that can be loaded drink with an ice cubes should think before the effects on teeth and, in particular, on our oral health. Let’s see, then some simple tips to prevent tooth sensitivity during the summer.

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Avoid tooth sensitivity

The oral health is a barometer of our health in general, the main reason to reinforce their care. If our problem is tooth sensitivity, with the arrival of summer should follow a few tips:

  • Reducing the amount and frequency of consumption of too sugary foods.
  • Avoid too hot or cold foods.
  • Avoid acidic foods (citrus fruits, juices or drinks of Orange, Apple, yogurt…). In fact, abuse of these foods can increase tooth sensitivity.
  • Make a proper oral hygiene and avoid brushing teeth intensively to avoid damaging the gums.
  • Uses a brush of soft bristles with rounded tops to prevent damage tooth enamel or gums.
  • Using a specific sensitive toothpaste and, to complete the hygiene, use a mouthrinse or mouthwash.
  • Prevents some bad habits for the teeth as using chop sticks, biting pens, cutting sewing thread with teeth or tighten with the teeth (in case of bruxism should consult the dentist).