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Eczema on the skin: Why it appears and how to avoid them

The appearance of eczema on the skin may derive from certain causes. These wrinkles of the skin that include itching are something very annoying that can be treated and even try to avoid if you know how. Below we will discover the main causes that cause eczema and the best tips to try to avoid them.

eczema on the skin

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Why eczema appear on the skin?

Eczema is a type of desquamative process that appears on the skin persistently in certain situations such as pregnancy or adolescence and can be very annoying due to the intense itching that it causes. In addition, eczema is a mechanism of defense of the skin towards certain deficiencies that cause an excess of epithelial cells in a certain place. For this reason, the more we scratch the eczema, the greater the capacity for growth. We infer that because the scraping process removes superficial excess of skin and encourages the creation of a new form of epithelial cells that will form a more persistent scaling.

There are three types of eczema, chronic eczema that may appear as intolerance to certain foods or as part of a body infection process, atopic eczema that appear from some kind of skin irritation, and the genetic eczema against which it is inevitably to fight because it will last throughout our lives because these are part of our genetic code.

In order to treat the first two types of eczema, it is enough to discover the food on which intolerance or the infection that is damaging our organism and once deleted the eczema will disappear without further.

How to prevent the appearance of eczema in the skin

In the case of chronic eczema to avoid its appearance is enough to remove from our diet the food that is producing an intolerance or allergy so that these disappear definitively. Genetic eczema cannot be avoided, we can only apply some type of ointment to attenuate the itching and make it reproduce as little as possible.

But in the case of atopic eczema, which are the most common and arise from specific skin irritations, there are a number of indications that can help us to avoid their appearance:

  • Avoid contact with substances that have caused irritation to the skin.
  • Wear cotton clothing or natural fabrics.
  • Use latex gloves when it is necessary to subject eczema to the action of water.
  • Use neutral or non-perfumed soap, which you can even do at home to wash the affected area.
  • Avoid excessive sweating in the area where eczema has appeared.

Skin Care and Eczema

It is very important to take care of the affected area, even once the eczema has disappeared. In addition to going to a specialist and follow their recommendations so there is no relapse. So now you know, if you have eczema follow our advice and care much for your skin with moisturizers and natural products.