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Teeth whitening: What is this treatment consists of

Teeth whitening is a dental treatment to brighten the color of teeth and remove the remains of stains. A treatment to get a more beautiful and healthy smile. But do you really know what the teeth whitening treatment consists of?

risks of teeth whitening

There are foods and beverages (coffee, wine …) that can stain your teeth. But also tobacco, and even age and the ingestion of drugs. The brushing and daily hygiene is not always enough to make them disappear and for the teeth to recover its original tonality. In other cases, simply, there is a desire to have whiter teeth.

Teeth whitening techniques

There are two techniques of teeth whitening, must point out that results depend of each patient and the original color of the teeth:

Bleaching tooth whitening: Teeth whitening is done with chemicals such as carbamide peroxide which, upon contact with the tooth, produces an oxidation reaction. In this case, the treatment is performed at home using sleeping splints prepared by the dentist. Treatment is usually prolonged for 2-3 weeks.

Dental bleaching light: The treatment is performed with hydrogen peroxide and is based on applying light from a halogen lamp on the teeth to return the light color. It usually suffices with several sessions of just 40 minutes.

Teeth whitening can be applied to one or more teeth or all of the teeth.

Risks of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can be risky as it is not a recommended treatment for everyone. And it is that teeth whitening are not an aesthetic treatment, so always consult the dentist and do not abuse tooth bleaching.

  • Sensitivity may occur after teeth whitening, as well as mild discomfort in the most sensitive gums.
  • Before teeth whitening it is advisable to perform a mouth cleaning and to check that there are no cavities or problems in the gums.
  • Teeth whitening should be avoided in cases of damaged teeth structures or highly damaged enamel.
  • Nor it is a recommended treatment in case of important stains by consumption of medicines like tetracycline.
  • In case of pregnancy it is advisable to delay the treatment.