Food And Nutrition

Eggplant: A nutritious support to monitor weight

Behind its flavor – always must be eaten cooked – and its characteristic purple color, which comes from its content in anthocyanins, interesting hidden benefits to our health. Thus, among others, the eggplants are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals such as potassium. Moreover, it is a food low in calories, only twenty calories per hundred grams, so it becomes an ally of the kitchen to consider if we are losing some kilo more or want to maintain a healthy weight.

eggplant characteristic

High water content and low in calories. Two features that convert to the eggplant in a food to be taken into account within the diets to reduce or control the extra kilos. It is not the only property that hides behind its peculiar purple hue, since Eggplant report multiple benefits for our health. Taking care of our health begins to promote healthy habits, and that includes prominently the follow a healthy, balanced diet, where vegetables and fruits are essential nutrients. Among them, we focus on the eggplant, which we must take always cooked to eliminate the so-called solanine, a toxic substance produced by plants to defend themselves and when ingested can cause digestive disorders and headaches. This substance, as nutrition experts say, removed with a simple cooking.

Tasty, nutritious, overall, eggplant is a food that helps improve blood circulation. As noted, the eggplant contains antioxidants and phenolic acids and vitamins (A, B and C), minerals (magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, etc.) and fiber. Precisely, fiber is a good component to debug our body, while helping to reduce blood sugar levels – it can therefore be included in the diet for diabetics – and cholesterol. In addition, by this fiber content of which we have spoken above, it is also a good diuretic food.

Eggplant, in the list of health benefits, also includes promote the operation of the bile, while improving defenses and prevent anemia. Although it is a food of summer season, the truth is that we can now find on the market at any time of year.

Eggplant: Good for the skin

And not just in the kitchen, eggplant can also be a natural remedy for sunburn. In this case, it is to apply the eggplant pulp crushed on the skin, to soothe the pain of minor burns. The culinary application is not the only one that supports the eggplant, since we can also find other products made with extracts of its skin (skin masks, for example).