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Natural remedies against oil burns

Oil burns are one of the unexpected accidents that require applying first aid. In some cases, it can also be a symptom of thyroid disorders or psoriasis. Although minor ones, can be very annoying. To help reduce the pain and healing, we can resort to a series of fast, effective natural remedies. We tell you which ones are best.

oil burns

Oil burns: Home remedies

If we suffer a oil burn, for example while performing the household tasks, what we do? Here is a list of natural remedies to which we can use:

Water: The first remedy is to immediately apply water. It is important; as it is a minor burn, apply some water to lower the temperature in the affected area. Of course, the water should not be hot or too cold. The water will help soothe the pain a little.

Raw potatoes: Potatoes can be a good way to cool affected skin burn. Simply cut a potato slices and places them on the affected body part. Helps refresh and reduce the consequences of the burn. If we use a potato slice that has been in the fridge, the relief will be higher (short slice and put it in the freezer for a few seconds).

Chamomile: Another useful remedy is chamomile. We can make a herbal preparation with chamomile tea and a few drops of oil, applying it to the affected area. In this way we can reduce the consequences of burn, while we reduce the pain a little.

Honey: The multiple properties of honey can also include one more, and is that it helps to rapidly disinfect the part of the body affected by burns. A useful remedy to help cure, thanks to its numerous beneficial properties. Honey also acts quickly.

Vinegar: Vinegar, along with water, can be a good emergency remedy for burns. You don’t want to apply directly on wounds, being more advisable to use clean gauze. Due to its antiseptic properties is useful to prevent infection.

Onion: Onion is a good remedy for minor burns. To do this, cut an onion and make the juice. This can be applied to the affected area several times a day. Thanks to the substances contained in the onion is a good remedy to contribute to healing the wounds from burns.

Aloe vera: For pain relief can apply some aloe vera gel on the wound. There are many properties of aloe vera, including relieve pain. It has astringent effects.

Black tea: Black tea also can be used to reduce pain, thanks to its tannin content. To take advantage of this remedy you can put a tea bag in cold water. Subsequently, wash affected by the burn with this herbal preparation area.