Essential care for your back

Everyone at some point in life has suffered or will suffer from back pain, one of the most frequent discomforts. The poor posture, the stress, the accumulated tension, the lack of exercise and therefore, the loss of muscle tone are the main causes behind the back pain.

causes behind back pain

Although discomforts are mild, should not be underestimated, as it can lead to more serious problems and interfere in our quality of life. There is another factor we can not ignore, and it is age. The back is also aging. What can we do to improve back care? We just only need to spend a few minutes a day in our back, without great efforts.

A few simple exercises will bring us interesting benefits, since the exercise strengthens the muscles, helps prevent contractures, improve the flexibility and agility of the muscles and joints. In short, exercise helps us to have a more careful and undisturbed back.

Lack of physical activity not only affects the muscles, also to the skin. To this must be added other factors that can affect the good health of the back, and are age and overweight. This can also cause loss of skin firmness, appearance of fat deposits, and stretch marks.

The skin health, hydration and the presence or absence of defects such as impurities or hyperpigmentation, sagging of the skin structures of the muscle and the presence of localized fat are issues that we deal with some care throughout year or resorting to specific treatments, such as dermal treatment with active ingredients and biorevitalization to hydrate, clean, eliminate the bleaching. Treatments that increase skin hydration, firmness, enhance cell renewal, reducing imperfections and impurities, improve texture and eliminate localized fat.