Exercises that relax and help to sleep

If you want a more restful sleep, there are certain exercises you can do before you go to bed and it will help relax and sleep better. It notes that it is also found that exercise has benefits on sleep. Discover how to take full advantage.

exercise help sleep

Do you have trouble in sleeping? Do you wake up easily? The dream, as we know, is essential for our body to function as a clock. Sleep is restful, but it is not always possible to sleep as easily as we would like. It is found that lead an active life, with physical exercise regularly, helps to fall asleep at the time of going to bed. And, among other benefits, exercise also helps to reduce levels of stress and relieve the tensions of everyday life.

With physical exercise – must be performed at least 30 minutes five days a week – is unable to sleep more hours, but better; i.e., a dream of better quality. Several studies have found that if we practice physical exercise on a regular basis we will rise much more rested and will be more productive during the day than if we carry a sedentary lifestyle.

Is it good practice exercise before bed? Logically, the very active exercise should be practiced at least four hours before going to bed (jogging, cycling out …), since the practice of intense activity raises body temperature and this can cause sleep disturbances. Before bedtime can perform a series of movements and gentle exercises to help you relax and sleep better.

Exercises for Better Sleep

Let’s see some simple relaxation exercises perfect for practicing in your bedroom before going to sleep:

Release tension from the back: Position yourself standing with your knees slightly bent and lean your shoulders forward and looks bending the trunk, slowly, leaving hands hanging front legs, closer to the ground.

Complete movement: Lying on your back, bend your legs over the trunk. Place your arms crosswise and rotate the torso and legs to the right, carrying one arm over the other and supporting legs on the ground. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Gentle exercises such as yoga or pilates, help mobilize all muscles of the body in a controlled manner. Moreover, these are also ideal to help work the breathing, which helps oxygenate the brain and get a higher ratio. If you’ve decided to start physical exercise, both the yoga and the pilates are two ideal options to start.