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Eyecare: Common mistakes in eye care

Do you leave home without sunglasses? Do you remove makeup before go to bed? Do you correctly wear contact lenses? How many hours a day do you spend in front of the computer screen, tablet or mobile? … Simple questions that reveal habits that can be seriously damaging to your eyes. Do you really sure that you pay due attention to the care of your eyes? The eyes, like any other organ in our body, play a key role and therefore require specific care. We should not only worry for their health when we noticed red eyes or eye strain, for example, but every day.

mistakes in eye care

Errors in eye care

Caring for the health of your eyes today is the best guarantee to preserve vision as we grow older. Take notes the most common mistakes in its care.

Wear sunglasses only in summer

A common mistake if we use the sunglasses as a complement more than fashion, when in reality it is a protector of the eyes, both in summer and winter, against damage that can be caused by ultraviolet rays. In the same way you have to choose approved sunglasses, according to our needs and without allowing going only for the design.

Rubbing eyes regularly

Either by itching or feeling tired, but rubbing eyes is a bit as common as recommended gesture. A simple gesture but can pose risks as infection or inflammation, since the hands are one of the main vehicles of transmission of germs. If you rub your eyes, do it with the fingertips and smoothly. The most advisable, in the case of itching, is to use the eye drops or artificial tears.

Spending a lot of time on the computer

Computer, tablet or any mobile device screen, in addition, the hours you spend in front of them, doing work in your eyes.

Of entry, we tend to use them at a short distance; to what is necessary to add that during this attention time the blinking diminishes, thereby increasing risk of dry eye. To reduce risks, it is advisable to reduce exposure times, and if not, take breaks every 20 minutes and focus eyes for 20 seconds at the farthest possible distance (the back of the room, looking out the window … ), which is known as the rule 20/20.

Sleep with contact lenses

Whether through laziness or forgetfulness, the truth is that a mistake must be avoided, because take a long time put contact lenses reduces oxygenation to the eyes and also, if we sleep with them, increases the risk of appearance of ulcers in the cornea.

Sleeping with makeup

As risky as sleeping with lenses can be done without makeup remover. For the eyes, the mascara can cause infection. Similarly, when it comes to makeup, avoid applying eyeliner inside the eye, since we can obstruct the glands that hydrate the eye.

Use eye drops or solutions for expired lenses

It is advisable before using any product, there is convenient to consult the doctor or pharmacist, especially because it is not necessary to abuse products such as eye drops or eyewashes. Similarly you never have to do using expired products, or eye drops and solutions for contact lenses.

Not attend periodic reviews

Not only run the risk of losing sight, but as we are older we become more prone to certain problems. Therefore it is important to go to the periodic reviews to confirm that the eye health is optimal or otherwise, for any possible alteration. The reviews are essential if you have a history of glaucoma, diabetes or high myopia.