Face Fitness: Wrinkle exercise for younger face

Toning muscles and slows the effects of aging. It’s what the gym does not report, facial wrinkle exercises to achieve a more youthful face. The face is undoubtedly one of the parts of the body that may be the most visible signs of aging. To restore skin tone, firm muscles and disguise the first wrinkles, we have an interesting ally, facial exercises. We note the tips and exercises with zero cost and in the most natural and simple will help us have a younger face.

wrinkle exercise

The passing of time leaves its mark on our skin and in our face, as surely reveal the first wrinkles. Effects can easily counter with practical exercises and wrinkles help us maintain our face smoother, care and young. Facial exercise is a natural ally to combat the effects of aging and help your skin to regain its tone, elasticity and texture.

Training the muscles of the face

It is a type of gymnastics as any other, with the difference that the objective is to strengthen the facial muscles (cheeks, cheekbones …). Facial gymnastics supports multiple variants, such as facial yoga. Anyone who is the method chosen the important is to persevere in the office every day; i.e., consistency will allow us to achieve the objective. The exercise for the muscles of the face also brings benefits to the neck, to increase the volume of the lips and cheeks, emphasize the cheeks and eyebrows stretch. Facial exercise to say goodbye to wrinkles and signs of aging, achieving more younger and luminous skin.

Wrinkle Exercises

Practice is the direct way to get a younger face and no signs of wrinkles. Let’s look more closely at some specific exercises:

To reaffirm the neck and face: Smile hard, extending horizontally lips all we can. Thus, the front neck muscle contracts and promotes skin stretching. After holding the contraction for a few seconds, relax your face and neck.

Exercise to remove nasolabial folds: With your mouth slightly open, enter the tip of the index finger on the inside of the lower lip, using the face of the teeth and gums. Lower lip stretched forward and then relaxes and returns to the starting position.

Exercise for the eye area: On the curve below the eyebrows, put the phalanges of the thumbs and index fingers under the eye. From this position, with the thumbs move the eyebrow upwards and then with the index fingers are moving down the skin of the eyes. At this point, we keep constant the position, close our eyelids slowly and try to tighten. We maintain the position for about five seconds and then slowly return to starting position.

Exercises against wrinkles of the forehead and eyebrows: By relaxing the muscles of the face, bend head, hanging down. After holding this position a few seconds, gradually rise from the head, breathing with the help of hands, shaping the skin with a gentle massage (as an instant facelift), and return to the starting position.