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Female hormones: 5 foods that regulate them naturally

The hormones play a role in health and well-being far more important than we think.

In fact, in the case of women, one of the commonest imbalances of hormones is directly related to the menstrual cycle. Hormones that we can regulate including 5 food in the diet, five natural allies, for their properties, will help us improve our health care. Discover what foods can not miss from now on your food.


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Rich in fiber and calcium, and helps prevent osteoporosis, the fig also helps regulate hormones and menstrual cycles.

You can take it naturally, in combination with yogurt or smoothie and even, in infusion (leaves). It is also a good source of benzaldehyde, a compound with anti-cancer properties.


Rich in protein, fiber, vitamin B, iron, phosphorus, calcium and potassium, among other minerals. The maca is regarded as an ally to regulate hormones and relieve the discomfort that accompanies the period or during menopause.

It is also considered an aphrodisiac food.

Brewer’s yeast

Its content of zinc makes exert a regulatory effect of hormones. It is a good ally to combat adolescent acne, and also reports interesting benefits for the skin.

It has other properties such as its content of iron, vitamin B and folic acid. It is purifying and invigorating.


A plant that, taken in infusion, helps to regulate hormones and relieve the discomfort of painful rule or changes in the menstrual cycle.

The marigold also brings benefits to the skin, so it is often an ingredient in products for care. And even the petals of its flowers can be eaten directly.


If there is a plant that allies of women’s health it is undoubtedly the salvia, especially when we talk about hormones.

It is a plant with a high content of estrogen, so it is advisable to take in case of heavy periods and the menopause. It is also a good tonic helping to improve mood.