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Garlic oil pearls: Properties and benefits

Garlic oil pearls, another way to provide the body with all the features and benefits offered by this food. Discover them.

garlic oil pearls

It is one of the most present foods in our diet and, nevertheless, we do not know all its potential. In this case we stop what hides under its layers and, in particular, garlic oil that is extracted from this plant. The garlic oil pearls concentrate the best of the properties of this food.

The garlic is not only healthy, but it extols the taste of various dishes, without forgetting that it can be a good natural remedy for its therapeutic properties. The garlic can consume not only it natural but we can find it in dust, dehydrated and as oil in pearls. Does it keep the same properties? When it can be a good ally for health?

In addition to supporting big part of the curative virtues of this bulb, this form of presentation has an added advantage, the fact is that there reduce some of the unpleasant effects that can have the garlic consumption, such as reducing bad breath or bad taste of mouth. The garlic, we cannot forget it, has a very strong flavor and that can reach to endure, not only in the mouth, also in the hands after touching them.

Garlic oil is rich in amino acids with antibacterial effect, selenium, minerals (calcium, iron, phosphorus) and vitamins (especially B and E). It has diuretic effect, antiseptic, antibiotic and antioxidant properties.

On the other hand, opt for garlic pearls allows, adjust the dose, which is important if you take it with a therapeutic aim to reduce the levels of blood pressure, high cholesterol, triglycerides, fluidify the blood, drain mucus or stimulate the defenses with strengthening the immune system. It is also considered a good ally to fight infections of the respiratory (like flu) or digestive system (diarrhea), and to prevent cystitis, by its content in compounds rich in sulfur.

Taken in capsules, the recommendation is to take one daily, preferably with a meal.