Skin Disease

Grains: Signs to know whether to worry

The grains, as well as a skin imperfection, are indicative of our health state. Suddenly appear anywhere in the body and is particularly unsightly when they do in the face, either in the forehead, cheeks and chin. According to medical experts, the appearance of the grain area can give clues on the health specific, so it would be possible to describe a map of the grains. We will see then that may indicate the onset of grains depending on the area of the face.

grain on forehead

Grain in the top of the forehead

If the grain appears on the forehead, you can indicate problems of digestive and intestinal system. As a remedy, it should increase the intake of water and green tea to promote cleansing of the body. You should also eat more fruits and vegetables and limit refined sugars and fatty foods.

Grain at the bottom of the forehead

If the grains appear on the bottom of the forehead, it could indicate a problem in the heart. It would be advisable, to rule out any doubt, perform a health check, as well as review the diet by limiting fat intake. Cardio exercise is also good.

Pimples on ears

In this case it may be indicative that do not pay enough attention to the kidneys. Probably not drink enough water or our diet is too high in salt. You have to drink more fluids to detoxify and limit animal fats and refined sugar.

Around the eyes and between the eyebrows

When it present in this area of the face, it can warn of the health of the liver. To help this body to perform its function must check the diet and include green tea, vegetables, leafy greens, carrots, grapefruit and lemon water, an elixir to purify taken on an empty stomach.

Pimples on the cheeks

At the top of the cheeks indicate that the lungs work with difficulty, especially for smokers. The best advice is to stop smoking and spend more time outdoors. At the bottom of the cheeks indicate problems with teeth and gums.


The hormonal imbalances are usually the most common cause of the appearance of unsightly pimples on the chin. It may also be indicative of some allergy or food intolerance, in which case it should review the diet and eliminate that food or substance causing the reaction and grains.