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Headache when wake up in the morning: Possible causes

Headache is one of the most common and distressing disorders, especially when accompanied us from awakening in the morning. Definitely up with a headache is one of the worst ways to start the day. But, what is that? Do not let it go, but look for the cause, especially if repeated often.

morning headache

Morning headache by apnea

The sleep apnea are mild respiratory stops that occur during sleep, which can cause headache upon awakening. Apnea can be accompanied by snoring, but not always. There may be other telltale signs, such as very dark circles or excessive fatigue. If this is your case, consult your doctor.


The bruxism is a disorder that involves clenching or jaw during sleep. It can appear at any age, and in addition to erosion and wear of the teeth, can also cause headache, a pain that is usually located in the side areas of the face.

It can also jaw pain and even inside the mouth. It is best to consult a dentist, as there are very effective solutions, such as using a splint to sleep.

Incorrect sleeping posture

Adopt a wrong or awkward posture is one of the most common sleep mistakes. Avoid the head is too low (should be between 10 and 30 degrees respects the mattress). Proper posture of the head helps blood circulation and prevents pain.

Poorly oriented bed

According to the philosophy of Feng Shui bed should face north to promote relaxation and rise more relaxed. This is due to the magnetism exerted by the center of the earth, acting like a magnet.

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If the headache becomes persistent, it may have to do with any drug that we are taking. Be careful with the side effects of drugs, and especially not medicate or abuse them. Anxiolytics and analgesics, among others, may cause headaches if taken regularly.

Restless legs syndrome

The uncontrollable urge to move the legs. The restless legs syndrome is a cause of sleep disturbance, since the movement spasms or prevents sleep. This can lead to a headache upon awakening.


The insomnia can cause headaches. One of the things you need to avoid is taking drugs if we insomnia. In fact, it is more advisable to use natural remedies without side effects like headache.

Anxiety or depression

Anxiety or depressive episode can cause morning headaches. This occurs when the symptoms of anxiety or even slightly forward overnight.

High Blood Pressure

Controlling blood pressure levels is very important because it directly affects the heart. Having high blood pressure can cause the awakening is sudden and headache. Another sign might stand up with blurred vision.

Nausea or vomiting:

If headache upon awakening is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, you should always consult your doctor. It can be something mild, like a food that have not digested well, but it can also be a sign of something more severe, such as a brain tumor.