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Health Problems That Keep You From Exploiting Your Potential

Have you wanted to live up to your potential? What has kept you from doing so? Living up to your potential requires you to step out of your comfort zones and do what you ought to do. Every person’s goal is to succeed, and this is realized when you have a growth mindset.

Even then, the journey to exploiting your full potential will have stumbling blocks and setbacks along the way. Therefore, you must be ready to accept failure and maintain the discipline of pushing on.

Living up to our full potential is affected by several factors such as environmental factors, physical security, emotional security, personal mindset, and health problems. This article will discuss the health problems that keep us from living up to our potential.

sleep deprivation

1. Sleep Deprivation

Lack of adequate sleep will harm your mental and physical health. If it is prolonged, then it will lead to serious health issues such as anxiety. Even if we require us to work hard and get out of our comfort zones, it should not be the reason we lack sleep. Sleep deprivation will lower your productivity, esteem, and confidence. You should seek medical attention when you are suffering from a lack of sleep. You can also look into how comfortable the place you sleep is. Investing in a bed with a good quality mattress and queen size bed frame is a great idea.

2. Chronic Illness

Diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and HIV/AIDS are a major culprit in lowering the productivity of a person. Chronic illness is associated with pain. A patient under medication day out will definitely not do well compared to a healthy person. There are always those low moments when they cannot do anything productive. For example, after going to for chemotherapy, a patient needs a day or two to recuperate. Taking many drugs over a long period of time weakens the immune system and leads to general body weaknesses.

3. Drug and substance use

Many people tend to think that alcohol and other drug substances are a solution to their problems, pain, and frustrations. What they do not know is that they cause harm to their physical and mental health. Addiction is one of the struggles that people who use drugs deal with. Some people cannot work when they have not used what they are addicted to. Somebody working under the influence of something is not as productive as a mentally stable person.

weight problems

4. Weight problems

Being overweight and obese leads to serious health problems. People battling such situations are prone to heart problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases. The issue also affects the self-esteem and confidence of a person who greatly affects a person’s productivity.

5. Nutrition and diet

You are a product of what you eat. Poor dieting means that there is a lack of nutritional value to your body. This may be a cause of health problems such as a weak immune system. Poor dieting has also been associated with mental health. It causes anxiety, mood disorders, and depression.

Imagine working when under stress. Would it yield something productive? The low energy levels will not allow it. It would help if you focused on taking a nutritious diet so that your body is rejuvenated with nutrients and antioxidants. Water intake is also essential so that your body stays hydrated.

6. Violence

Whether it’s domestic violence or violence in the neighborhood, it causes trauma. It causes short term and long-term effects such as disorders in mental health to the victims. People who have gone through violence are prone to self-harm, sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, and destructive behaviors. You cannot explore your full potential when you are suffering from violence.

Our physical and mental well-being matters in exploring our potential. To bring out the best in us, we must deal with all the factors that can pull us backward. Health is one of the major factors that contribute to the best we can become. Set your goals, take action on them, persist on what you want but keep watching on factors to distract you.