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Hemorrhoids: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Annoying, inconvenient and even painful. Knowing the causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids will help us control them and to improve the results of treatment. Why are?, Does spicy food can trigger hemorrhoids?, Do you generally bleed?, Do topical creams relieve discomfort? They are some of the questions that we will try to answer to get hemorrhoids, a condition that affects the majority at some point in life, do not pose a setback and stop our daily rhythm.


Hemorrhoids are swollen by the rectal area veins, which are dilated by increasing abdominal pressure level as a result of the difficulty of the blood flowing through the area back to the heart. Several factors can increase pressure in the abdomen, such as constipation problems, the need to make an effort to evacuate, pregnancy or the presence of chronic cough. The prolonged sitting (e.g., spending too many hours at the computer) or even the heavy lifting in a sustained manner can also favor the development of hemorrhoids or popular piles.

Spicy food, rather than a trigger, what you can do is aggravate the discomfort. The spicy is a mucosal irritant, worsening the discomfort and aggravated the feeling of hotness when there is already a hemorrhoid. What if predisposes to suffer from hemorrhoids is a diet rich in fats and low in fiber (our body, of entry, will be more vulnerable constipation).

Hemorrhoids Symptoms

The extent protruding hemorrhoids is indicative of its severity. The lighter is not protrude through the sphincter and outgoing during defecation but reenter the end. In severe and chronic cases, hemorrhoids are always outside. If further bleeding, no loss of weight or appetite, constipation and more, you should consult a doctor to rule out other pathologies.

If only bleed but do not appear more hassles, it may be an internal hemorrhoid for diagnosis requires a screening test (anoscopy or colonoscopy).

Hemorrhoids Treatment

Wash with warm water (avoid using toilet paper), apply cold to the area or drinking lots of water are three tips to help ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids. Apart from taking fiber, it is advisable to carry out daily physical exercise.

In some cases, topical creams can help, especially those that contain some cortisone, with or without an anesthetic. If you take cortisone its use should be limited to one week. And laxatives, how much do they help? Laxatives allow not having to force the evacuation, although it should not abuse their consumption. If the pain does not subside with steroid creams, you can take, to be scheduled, paracetamol or dipyrone.

Sometimes, by the severity or inconvenience that causes hemorrhoids, it is necessary to resort to surgery. The minor, if not improve with other measures, are eliminated with techniques of minor surgery (sclerotherapy, photocoagulation or RBL). In severe cases, it can be surgically removed the area that is inflamed.