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Hoarseness: Effective Natural Remedies

The hoarseness is a very common disorder in cold months and when forces the voice. For example, the performance of certain professions (singers, public relations, teachers and other professionals who work a lot with the voice) is a risk factor of a nuisance as well as causing speaking difficulty because it changes the tone of voice and requires more force the vocal cords, it can be accompanied by sore throat.

hoarseness causes

We can not forget other risk factors, such as snuff or too cold drinks. If hoarseness is a problem, what can we do? Some natural remedies can help relieve symptoms, taking into account the causes which provoke the hoarseness.

Hoarseness causes

Hoarseness changes the tone and volume of voice, with several possible causes. On the one hand, it may result from the presence of vocal cord polyps, benign growths that cause dysphonia. But it can also be because of the laryngitis, i.e., inflammation of the larynx, the tube in which the vocal cords are consequently irritated and swell and do not vibrate as it should.

Hoarseness, and in fact it is one of the most common causes, can also occur as a result of bad repeated use of the vocal cords. When subjected to tension the vocal cords, and also under stress, stop vibrating correctly.

Effective Natural Remedies

When hoarseness is mild, but we have a sore throat, it may be useful to take anti-inflammatory virtues of some herbs, taken several times a day. We can make a homemade syrup and natural infusion of hedge mustard, made by mixing one tablespoon of dried herb in a cup of boiling water with three tablespoons of honey. It is ideal to combat throat infections.

It can also be mixed with mallow.

Excellent ally against hoarseness is also the marshmallow, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect, it can be taken as a tincture, 20 drops in half a glass of water, once in the morning and afternoon. To do gargle, as appropriate may be the lavender for its inflammatory and soothing action. Prepare a tea with a teaspoon of dried lavender leaves in a cup of hot water and let cool.

As effective home-made remedy so that the vocal cords recover we can bet anti-inflammatory herbs as the thyme and eucalyptus, as well as ginger and basil, perfect to rinse and gargle to enhance throat and voice.