Foot Problems

Home remedies for feet

Not always pay due attention to them, since most of the time are hidden in shoes or socks, but take care of our feet is fundamental. And above all, we must not underestimate those little annoyances that, but left untreated, can become a problem for our feet. Its good condition is a guarantee of our health. There are some very common conditions and that we can solve with practical and effective home remedies. Take note of these solutions to improve the care of our feet.

swollen feet

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Swollen feet

The temperature changes can cause swelling of the feet, but also carry ill-fitting shoes or sitting too long. Dip your feet in cold water to reduce swelling. It is also good to apply a stream of cold water with the shower on the feet.

Tired feet

Having tired feet, especially after a long day, it is one of the most common complaints. To relieve the tired feet, lie down with feet elevated for 10 minutes. It is also advisable to apply a bag of cold gel on your feet for five minutes to relieve them.

Heel pain

If we notice pain in the heel, we can implement a simple exercise that our feet will thank us. We sat on the floor or on a carpet, barefoot and with feet flat on the floor. We rolled a small bottle of cold water with the sole of the foot.

Rash or blisters

Besides annoying, you must clean them because these can become infected. To do this, we put our foot soak in warm water for five minutes. If there is a wound, disinfecting, and dry feet in the air. Before we put the shoe, put a dressing. Don’t want to burst the blister.


The bunion can cause pain and affect other fingers, so it is advisable to consult a podiatrist. If discomfort is mild, you should use wider shoes to avoid the friction and thus, the pain. If these are closed, choose soft leather shoes for the same reason. Do not underestimate bunions.

Cracks in the feet

These can appear between the fingers, although the most common are to appear in the heels. In any case, these can be very annoying. In the case of the fingers, usually due to moisture, it is advisable to use an antiseptic. On the heels, applies healing ointment.