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How our Diet plays an important role in affecting Hormones?

The foods we eat have a great effect on our health, especially on our hormones. We carry certain fear about the food we eat on how it will affect us and our hormones. But instead of having the fear, we can easily improve the way we feel and we eat. Hormones control almost effect of our body and how we feel.

diet plays important role

Human being has complicated hormones. Insulin, serotonin, dopamine and estrogen are affected by the food choices we make. Following certain diet can be very helpful and implementing particular care tips for hormones can work effectively.

Hormones are very important part of our body and act as Chemical Messengers. They control every physiological process of our body, including:

  • Metabolism
  • Immune system
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Reproduction

Let us now check out diet affects our hormones:


This female sex hormone regulars the menstrual cycle and prepare the uterus for pregnancy. When a woman undergoes menopause, the estrogen level fluctuates and drops significantly. This also leads to mood changes, irregular menstrual activity.

So to overcome this problem, including phytoestrogens rich food can be helpful. It will also help lowering the risk of menopause.

Insulin and Glucagon

Insulin is a well-known hormone that affects the diet. When you include carbohydrates in your diet, it travels into the bloodstream triggering the pancreas to release insulin. It attaches to the glucose molecules carrying it to the cells and using it for energy.

Glucagon, on the other hand, is pancreatic hormone and has opposite effect on insulin. When we undergo huge diet regime, the pancreas releases glucogen signalling liver to convert into glucose. To overcome this problem, make sure to have controlled and balanced diet.

Maintaining a good balanced diet

It is important to have well-balanced diet that can help in having good health. Avoid diet that has more calories leading to weight gain. Include vegetables, fruits, whole-grain, low-fat dairy products in your diet. Check out some of the diet plans one the official site NEXEL Medical.

Never skip meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. When you skip the meal, you’re setting up the insulin into rollercoaster ride. This leads to blood sugar drop. Moreover, it will make you feel moody, anxious and tired. You can seek advice on meal selection and diet program to ensure that you get the best result out of it. No matter what your goal is, it is important that you to work hard on diet.

You can check online websites and seek expert advice from the official website given on how to counter the hormone problem due to wrong diet. Making few adjustments in your eating habits can make big difference to your health.