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How to stay calm in all situations

Everyone at some point the negative emotions, like anger or rage, once we have been able to. Keep calm in all situations is not always easy, especially when we are under stress or overwork. Losing temper or nerves can lead even to panic, a feeling of anxiety and vertigo to realize that our emotions are still too strong. How to control the situation?

stay calm

The trick is to learn to respond to this tension, so that we can control emotions. First, it is important to identify situations that cause us more stress or disturb our calm. From there we can apply the specific technique based on the emotion that we are experiencing.

Similarly, change the way you see things, because sometimes we realize that certain beliefs do not allow us to see the overall context of the situation. You have to think positive and focus on the strengths of each of us, increasing motivation and happiness.

Tricks to stay calm

Do something unusual: When stressed, a trick to relax and evade the environment is to hear a song or just do something to distract our minds and help us to focus on something else.

Take care: To remain calm and to increase welfare it is essential to take care of yourself, and that includes eating a healthy, balanced diet and physical exercise regularly and get enough rest.

Appreciate what you have: Recent studies have shown that the loss of control is often caused by dissatisfaction with what we have or we do on a daily basis. Dedicate just 60 seconds per day to appreciate the good things that have a positive effect on self-esteem, reporting physical and mental benefits.

Measuring emotions: Throughout life we experience situations more or less stressful, happy or unhappy situations. Learn to measure emotions (i.e., give the importance to everything) will help us to better control the reactions and behaviors. Similarly, we must stop and assess the situation that triggers this dissatisfaction, and analyze to what extent it is within our power to change it. Analyzing the resources available to resolve the problem we will find solutions appropriate to each situation.

Breath before speaking: An American study published in 2011 found given how few seconds and breathe deeply before saying or doing anything drastically reduces stress and the risk of misunderstanding with the other party. Time especially important when it is a question of emotions as the anger.

Cultivating social activity: Having a good relationship with family, loved ones and even adopt a pet, help reduce anxiety levels and improve self-control. Share the difficulties with another person, recognizing the limitations, relativize the errors and difficulties can deal successfully with stressful situations. Social relationships enhance positive energy and self esteem.

Make a relaxing therapy: There are many techniques, individual or group that can help us stay calm. Performed breathing exercises, yoga or pilates and even take a relaxing bath, help us feel better.