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Information fatigue syndrome: Do not let it affect to you!

At present we are suffering the effects of a situation on a daily basis, that in spite of the fact that for many is an advantage, our health is being felt with the time, and that is the excess of information.

information fatigue syndrome

From the moment we wake up until we go to bed, the media bombard us with news of all kinds, in addition to problems with work, family, children and everything else, and that can cause the evenings not rest well, forming a vicious circle that can not get out, because the so-called information fatigue syndrome.

In recent years, world has grown in a surprising way, and consequently also the way we live, now our day to day is much faster than in the days of our grandparents, and thanks to technological advances, we are much more informed about everything that happens in the world.

This certainly is an advantage that is part of our development, and we should be proud of, but sometimes you have to learn to take it easy, because our brain can collapse with so much data, and affect one of our most basic needs, the dream.

If you wake up as you look at the mobile phone, you get on the Internet several times a day, and you see the reports, together with the economic problems facing today, and your own, you have probably noticed that when you go to the bed at night do not get good sleep, and at the end you do not sleep well at all mulling over your head; suffer what is called information fatigue syndrome.

If you keep this up, you’ll notice that gradually your defenses are down, and you have no intention of anything, so you must remedy this situation as soon as possible, with some non-drug treatments for insomnia, help you drain stress:

  • Relaxing play sports like yoga, which also will make you forget the back pain, Pilates or meditation when you get home after a stressful day.
  • You can also enjoy a hot bath with salts before going to bed, and if you accompany it with a good record of zen music, relaxation will be maximum.
  • Avoid any contact with the phone, computer or TV before bed, just spend time with your family and enjoy a time without technology.
  • Once in bed, trying to fall asleep with a good book, much needed relief!

We hope that by following these tips your nights are much more useful, and may you rest better; your brain will thank you.