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Insomnia: 5 foods that steal your sleep

Did you know that there are some foods that steal your sleep? If you have insomnia problems or, at least, have difficulty asleep more than desired, perhaps it would be time to review your diet and see what foods are interfering, and why, in our rest.

insomnia problem

Eating and sleeping habits are directly related, and much more than we think. Eating poorly or skipping meals can input sabotage our rest. But, in addition, certain foods can also promote sleep problems. What are the 5 forbidden foods if you have insomnia? Here we discover that at least avoid taking them to dinner or a few hours before bedtime.

Forbidden foods insomnia

There are 5 foods that, by their content, can be a real stimulant to the brain, preventing us to sleep, which we cherish towards a full functioning of our body. We note:

Sausages and smoked meats: For its tyramine content (amino acid) may favor the production of adrenaline, which will keep us awake at night.

Chocolate: The gourmands sure know that take a lot of chocolate can rob sleep. It is advisable to avoid take by the night or before bedtime chocolate cup, nuts or cookies dipped in chocolate. Foods that, by the way, also contain tyrosine and caffeine, stimulants metabolism and nervous system.

Energy Drinks: A matter of logic, it is better to take them during the day, for their high amounts of caffeine. If you can not sleep well, you can always avoid them or at least take them four to five hours before bedtime. The same goes for alcohol. Drinking alcohol raises blood pressure and disturbs our rest. Excessive drinking at night causes dehydration and headache. This is caused because the alcohol makes the work of the brain by blocking the production of vasopressin, whose function is to give the order to the kidneys to reabsorb water.

Spicy and acidic foods: We talk about food like citrus or spices for flavor and seasoned dishes. Eating spicy foods at night and disrupted sleep can cause digestive problems (GERD, heartburn, acidity).

Cheese: Like sausages, cheese is high in tyramine. Cheese is a food that can also be behind the headache. Instead, opt for other dairy foods such as milk or yogurt, rich in calcium, a mineral essential that, among other benefits, helps you sleep to reduce stress.

Although it is advisable not to snack between dinner and bedtime hour, if we feel assaulted appetite is better to opt for a wheat bran crackers, a yogurt or piece of boiled fruit. Similarly, there are other foods that promote relaxation. A healthy and light dinner is the best way to sleep. Try lighter, hot or cold dishes, such as soup or vegetable soup, or vegetable sandwich or snack (lettuce, celery, spinach, chard). And for more gourmands instead of chocolate, it is best to use whole grains or a handful of almonds.