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Ulcers on the tongue: Causes and Solutions

Abnormal redness precedes the onset of ulcers on the tongue, an uncomfortable and annoying discomfort that may be caused by different causes. What solutions can be applied to prevent and treat its appearance?

mouth ulcer

The subsequent appearance of redness and sores in the mouth can be a temporary condition, for example due to irritation by taking food or drink too hot or spicy foods, but can also be due to other problems of the oral cavity and even allergies (for example, certain citric). A problem that has no age, as can occur in both adults and children. Let’s see some of the possible causes of their occurrence, as well as some remedies that can be effective.

The language, although you might think otherwise, has a fundamental role in the language, as in the perception of taste or chewing. Normally, the tongue is pink as the mucous membranes lining the mouth. Its surface is smooth, with no imperfections.

Ulcers on the tongue: Causes

The burning sensation and some small blisters usually precede the onset of ulcers. Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and inadequate oral hygiene can also add to their appearance.

The first culprits, in the case of inflamed and small blisters coated tongue, is thrush, i.e., small vesicles that rupture causing yellowish red ulcerations, accompanied by discomfort and heartburn. Mouth ulcers, also of language, may also affect other mucous membranes of the mouth, on both sides, and gums.

If the language is strangely flushed with a key change to red, accompanied by small white spots, the fungus may be responsible, in particular, Candida albicans that causes infection. This infection can be a result of a weakened immune system after a period of increased fatigue, stress, or after a long medical treatment (antibiotics, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy).

Ulcers on the tongue may also result from the lack of sleep, lack that can expose our defenses. And another cause of ulcers is certain food allergies. In this case, the ulcers are a reaction to an allergen intake. Be especially careful with citrus. Meanwhile, the use of braces, especially in the beginning, can cause discomfort in the mouth and blisters, which is recommended during the first weeks eat carefully.

Sores on the tongue can also be a symptom of other more serious conditions, and can be a manifestation of HIV or oral cancer.

Ulcers on the tongue: Remedies

In the case of canker sores rinses are effective germicidal action with products applied directly to the affected area. In this way, it can prevent the spread of infection and wound healing is facilitated. Usually, subside within a week.

In the case of oral thrush, besides visiting the doctor, it is advisable to perform mouth rinses with solutions of antifungal action, for example, based on tea tree oil.