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Keloid Scar: what it is, causes and treatment

When a wound heals can heal in an abnormal way. It is what is known as a keloid Scar. We are going to see more closely what appears, what are its causes and its treatment.

keloid scar

The remodeling of tissues of the wound edges, by curing, results in a scar. When it heals abnormally you may see a keloid scar, scars exaggerated, enlarged and hypertrophic. This is due to excess fibrous tissue, which results in a hardened lesion, and unsightly, and extending beyond the margins of the wound. And it’s not just a cosmetic problem, since you can also get along with other discomfort such as pain, itching or burning.

In an initial phase, this scar has a reddish appearance or purple, which is changing to acquire a similar skin tone. This type of scar is usually associated with wounds caused by burn infection or a surgical wound or trauma, even as a result of acne or for piercing. Also, interestingly, it is more prevalent among women and in people with dark skin. Most of this type of scars appear at the top of the body, from the abdomen up, especially in the back, chest, neck, face and ears.

Keloid Scar: Causes
There is no single cause to explain the appearance of keloid scars, although usually this related wounds sutured under tension or in areas of thicker skin. Yes we have identified some risk factors such as heredity, the dark color of the skin and burns (second and third grade).

Keloid Scar: Treatment
The keloid treatment should be treated to prevent irreparable damage to the skin. Among the treatments are frequently applying gels or creams topically, together with compression of the scar. They are also very effective the infiltrations with intralesional corticosteroids (on the scar). Today they are also applying latest treatments, eg fractional CO2 laser. The laser treatment work by removing part of the scar, while that restrict the circulation in the vessels that nourish it, canceling the overproduction of collagen and preventing from further growth. In case of having had at any occasion a scar of this type, for any other injury or surgery, no matter how simple it is, you should inform the doctor.