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Kombucha: Benefits and properties

If you have not yet heard of it, note its name, because behind the kombucha, also known as mushroom tea , Chinese mushroom and even tea of immortality, hide interesting properties for the health.

kombucha benefits

In fact, their properties have made it a star ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine. The kombucha, although it takes as an infusion, is not exactly a plant, but it is a drink result of the fermentation of a fungus. Specifically, it is a sweetened infusion of kombucha tea leaves with a combination of yeast and good bacteria that, to ferment, become a very particular natural drink.

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The kombucha is an ideal purifying solution, so that, of entry, it has become an interesting ally to take care of the weight. In this case, it is advisable to take a cup after get up, on an empty stomach, a second cup after the meal and the third before going to bed. Of strong flavor, we can add a little water or apple juice.

But the kombucha brings many other benefits, as it helps to improve digestion, relieves headaches and migraines, activates the metabolism and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

It also relieves the symptoms of arthritis and is a good ally of the healthy hair.


The kombucha is rich in essential organic acids, such as glucuronic acid, detoxifying effect, as well as lactic acids, which help prevent tumors and improve the blood circulation. It also contains acetic and usnic acid, natural antibiotics.


It should not be taken in case of diabetes as it is a sweetened infusion or in cases of weakness in the immune system. Nor it is recommended during pregnancy, as it could influence the development of the fetus.