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Lack of Vitamin D: Symptoms, diet and treatment

Vitamins are essential nutrients in our diet to ensure the health, so we must not underestimate the problems related to its lack. Among them, vitamin D deficiency, this can prevent by adopting a series of healthy habits at the table. In some cases, however, it is necessary to follow a specific treatment with taking supplements. To anticipate the diagnosis, it is best to know what are symptoms or signs that our body suffers from a lack of vitamin D.

Lack of Vitamin D

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D, perhaps less known than others such as vitamin C, for example, but no less important to ensure the proper functioning of our body.

Among other functions, the vitamin is essential to ensure balance in the levels of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, and to facilitate the body’s absorption of calcium. It is the best ally to maintain strong and healthy bones, helping to improve muscle strength and stimulating a positive immune response if necessary.

Deficiency symptoms and causes

When our body is deficient in vitamin D, which is responsible? The main causes are of two kinds: first, the lack of exposure to sunlight and other a diet low in vitamin D-rich foods. When we refer to the sun, that many do not know is that this can provide with, indirectly, a generous amount of vitamin D.

Lack of vitamin D can cause symptoms such as weakness and abnormal fatigue, headache and muscle weakness, tingling and increased bone fragility and vulnerability to injury.

Diet and Treatment

The best treatment for vitamin D deficiency is to follow healthy and varied diet and enjoy the outdoor activities (something as simple as taking a walk). In the table, should ensure the proper daily intake of vitamin D betting on foods like oily fish, salmon, tuna, milk, eggs, cheese, anchovies, swordfish, beans and liver, for example.

Meanwhile, go outdoors to enjoy the sun, a blessing to reinvigorate and vitamin D. This does not mean you have to spend several hours in the sun. With 15 minutes a day is enough for the synthesis of vitamin D.