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Chilblains: Causes, symptoms and natural remedies

The chilblains, whose medical name is perniosis, is a swelling of the skin, mainly in the hands, the feet and ears, which causes burning and itching and it is caused by excessive cold. Chilblains appear therefore linked to the winter months, being the most vulnerable women to suffer them. What are the causes of its appearance? but above all, what are the most appropriate natural remedies to combat it?


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The causes

It is nothing more than the result of a reaction to the constant exposure to the cold or moisture or change too abrupt and sudden temperature. But do not underestimate it because chilblains can also be caused by poor blood circulation. Besides being a risk factor of possible circulatory diseases.

Some people have a greater predisposition to chilblains, such as those with problems of arthritis, vasculitis or who paced diseases of the connective tissue (lupus erythematosus, for example). In general, tend to last between 5 to 7 days, although in some cases some outbreaks may overlap with others, so some patients may have chilblains during all months of cold.


Symptoms of chilblains are quite characteristic so it is not easy to ignore. Firstly, the area’s most affected some of the most visible, as ears and fingers of hands and nose. Chilblains cause swelling, redness and itching, as well as the appearance of blisters and ulcers. Do not forget the stabbing pain, a similar sensation to have small fire pins stuck in limbs affected by the freeze.

Natural Remedies

To relieve the discomfort, swelling and redness, may be, for its anti-inflammatory and soothing, power to the marigold, which is also able to effectively stimulate blood circulation.

If chilblains affecting the foot, you can opt for a hot bath with a few drops of essential oil of calendula. Excellent, thanks to its analgesic and relaxing properties, it is also the arnica. The essential oil of the herb can be used to apply in the area and make gentle massage on the affected areas. And another unknown option is the celery, with which we can make foot baths after the decoction of the plant in water. Lemon juice also helps to cure chilblains, applying a little on the affected area.

To counteract most of chilblains, better stimulate blood circulation can be used for anti-inflammatory action, centella asiatica, capable of promoting microcirculation.