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Liver: natural remedies for debugging

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body whose function is to metabolize all substances. When toxins are stored, the liver is building up the work, needing extra help to detoxify. What are the natural remedies to debug it more effective?

care for liver

To help the liver to dispose of toxins and activate its function we have an interesting ally, natural remedies prepared from herbs. The herbal teas help detoxify, but what are the entailing additional benefits and protection to the liver? As we have pointed out, when the body stores toxins the liver can suffer and therefore do not perform well its depurative function.

To combat should choose plants with choleretic properties – stimulate the production of bile, cholagogue – facilitate the emptying of the bile contained in the gallbladder, and preservers of the liver. The artichoke, Boldo, the dandelion and milk thistle are some of the most common but not the only ones with which to prepare a depurative infusion.

Natural Remedies for Liver

The liver remains constant activity throughout the day, in order to neutralize the toxins that enter our body. Our body is exposed to all kinds of substances which, over time, can have health consequences: the smoke, pesticides, drugs, additives in food, among others.

To help the liver in its task, we have herbs, prepared herbal liver protective. A list of the herbs mentioned above must be added others such as turmeric, yellow dock and lycopodium. Turmeric, in particular, protects the liver due to its active ingredient, curcumin, which stimulates the creation and production of bile, helping to treat kidney.

Meanwhile, milk thistle protects liver cells from harmful substances such as snuff and alcohol, thanks to its silymarin content. Lycopodium helps the production and processing of gallstones. Last but not least, the artichoke, which not only protects and helps regenerate the liver, but is one of the most excellent plants for cleansing. The artichoke helps increase the expulsion of urea (a toxic substance that results from protein metabolism and is excreted in the urine).

Food to strengthen the liver

In the pantry not only will we find beneficial herbal infusions for the liver, but also foods you cleaned inside, to promote their work and help you feel better. Input to activate the liver should follow a diet rich in vitamins and high in fruits and vegetables (endive, spinach, chard, watercress, cabbage, mandarin, papaya …) antioxidants that counteract the effects of free radicals.

Similarly, it is advisable to eat whole grains (daily) and vegetables (at least three times a week). The soluble fiber (oats, legumes, and fruit) promotes the secretion of bile.

To care for the liver, avoid sugars, the saturated fats and refined flour, and dispenses with the alcohol (to excess, and for a long time, is associated with liver problems).