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Magnesium deficiency: Signs that indicate you are missing magnesium

Did you know that behind the anxiety may be a magnesium deficiency? Among the essential nutrient, there is a need to monitor the intake of minerals as important as magnesium, and should not underestimate the symptoms. Magnesium, present in the bones, among other functions intervenes in nerve impulses, in the formation of proteins, in oxygenation of muscles, in the maintenance of teeth and in energy metabolism. To all this must be added the protective effect that exerted on the heart. Feel cramps and muscle pain is often one of the first signs that should make us suspect that our body needs to increase the dose of magnesium. Let’s look, more closely, what are the signs that indicate the lack of this mineral.

magnesium deficiency

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Muscle pain

It is usually one of the first symptoms of magnesium deficiency, along with cramps, muscle spasms which can become difficult to rest – or tremors. To make an effort, the lack of this mineral can make us more vulnerable to pain or annoying jerks.


A symptom that we should not be underestimates because it betrays the lack of minerals. Through an analysis, and taking into account other associated symptoms, we can confirm whether it is a question of magnesium. In fact, it can be habitual to feel tired from the morning, with the sensation of not having slept well.

Memory slips

Lately do you have more absent-mindedness? Do you forget things more often? One reason may be the lack of magnesium, a mineral that also influences the concentration and memory.

Greater sensitivity to light and noise

If earlier it had never happened to you, it is possible that you have lacking in magnesium. One of the symptoms is precisely to increase the sensitivity to visual and auditory stimuli.

Mood swings

From irritability, stress, nervous tension, anxiety and, in some cases, panic attacks. Our physical and emotional states are irreparably linked, and the lack of a major nutrient also manifests in the mood.

Difficulty falling asleep

To which will add to the fatigue of the next day. If you have trouble falling asleep, and have any of the above symptoms, do not discard that may be a lack of magnesium. The poor sleep, or fewer hours than necessary, lower our defenses and steals energy from us.