Malaria: Symptoms, transmission and prevention

The malaria is an endemic infectious disease caused by unicellular parasites of the genus Plasmodium, and transmitted by the bite of Anopheles mosquitoes. The symptoms may vary depending on the different species of parasites that cause infection. Generally, the fever is the most characteristic symptom, which can be accompanied by sweating, headache and nausea.


Malaria is transmitted by insect bites and rarely from person to person. For the treatment, the most effective drug therapy are antimalarial drugs, the administration does not always require hospitalization. Let’s see more closely that hides the malaria and how we can prevent it. An unknown disease in many areas, but we must pay special attention if we are to travel abroad, particularly in tropical countries.

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Symptoms of malaria can be variable.

In the initial phase of the disease usually appear symptoms like fatigue, loss of appetite and sleep problems. These symptoms may be accompanied by chills and fever. Body temperature gradually rises, leading to a excessive sweating, headaches, nausea and generalized pain.


Usually malaria infection occurs through insect bites. The period of incubation between 10 days and one month, and the most accurate diagnosis is made through a blood test. The analysis allows detecting the presence of parasites.


The prevention of malaria is essential if you travel to high risk areas. The mosquito nets on the windows and around the bed and insect repellents can be a simple measures, but effective. Before traveling, especially in tropical areas, where the disease is widespread, it is good to talk to the doctor to take medicines that are effective in the prophylaxis of malaria.

Anti-malarial drugs include, for example, chloroquine or quinine, which is given orally, by injection or intravenously. Only in this last type of administration, it is necessary to go to a hospital so that doctors check if any need for the integration of fluids, to help breathing or blood transfusion. With proper medication against malaria can be cured in two weeks.