Medicine: False myths that we should all know

Banishing false myths or misconceptions about medicine is critical to taking care of our health. For decades have taken for granted ideas without scientific basis, arriving in some cases to remain in time by as surprising as it seemed.

medicine myth

Fortunately, the advances of science have dismantled many of the myths about health and diseases. Know more and prevent it worth for two. Take note of the things that you thought were true but they are not.

Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

There is a widespread idea that one of the consequences of cracking the knuckles is developing arthritis. If it is one of your habits or tics, science has not found any evidence that this is so. This particular noise of the bones is caused by the air bubbles of the synovial fluid that covers the joints and, when crack the knuckles, are released.

Nerves caused by weight gain

False. Nerves, tension and even anxiety do not make you fatten directly. Weight gain is a result of increased consumption of caloric foods, with which in most cases we try to calm the nerves. When we are anxious it is easier to fall into the temptation of sweets, for example.

Flu vaccine prevents cold

Totally false, this vaccine only acts against the virus that causes the flu, and not against more than 200 agents that can cause us very similar symptoms. Flu and cold are not the same, although the symptoms can lead to misunderstandings, therefore the treatment is also different.

Take antibiotics for the flu

Never take antibiotics for the flu or for the cold. Antibiotics are only indicated to fight infections caused by bacteria, fungi and certain parasites. More than a false belief is one of the most common mistakes.

Head back when nose bleeds

Quite the opposite. We must let the blood flow out until our platelets do their work, since if we swallow it, we can suffer nausea and it is not too advisable for the stomach to receive blood.

Lice are due to lack of hygiene

Absolutely. Head lice pass from one hair to another regardless of how clean or dirty it is. Lice are extremely resistant and can live out of a head up to 24 hours, being very easy to spread through clothing, pillows, armchairs…

Heal wounds

The improvement of cure and prevent the wounds of scarring is to cover them, at least the first few days with a suitable bandage. Covered wounds, as underlined by dermatology experts, are healed earlier than those that are exposed to the air and, therefore, a major risk of infection.

Sun heals the wounds

Exposing a wound to the sun can affect the healing process. It is another of the false beliefs that should be banished, being the best to avoid direct action of the sun and use sun protection.