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Mucus in Chest: Natural Remedies to remove

The excess mucus or snot usually caused due to flu viruses and cold, you can grab the chest, so that it is necessary to promote its expulsion. Let’s see some of the natural remedies to remove them, with herbs and food as protagonists.

mucus in chest

Increase the intake of fluids is one of the most effective remedies to eliminate mucus in the chest, especially when taken in warm, as it helps soften the mucus by favoring its elimination. Soups, teas and juices are three alternatives to expel the mucus and removing accumulated irritant compounds which can be deposited in the respiratory tract.

Mucus in the chest: Home Remedies

Let’s see some of the natural and home remedies that we can include in our diet, especially during the months of lower temperatures and in which our body is more vulnerable to viruses of colds and flu.

Ginger tea and honey of eucalyptus: Add some grated ginger (ginger root) to the tea or infusion relieves congestion that causes mucus in the chest. Ginger has other properties, and thus helps to relieve muscle pain and fever (obvious flu symptoms). If we sweeten the infused with eucalyptus honey get a balsamic effect.

Radishes against viruses and bacteria: The radish, besides being a good ally against constipation have other properties as an excellent expectorant and immunostimulant. To disinfect airway passes radishes blender (5-6) and a piece of orange. We can also add both foods to salads.

Onion Soup: Garlic and onion reinforce defenses apart from help dilute mucus. Both foods have antibiotic properties.

Thyme Soup: The best ally to stand up to the germs. Thyme is an excellent expectorant.

Leeks in soup: Add this food to broths, soups and vegetable creams helps prevent excess mucus. The leek is rich in essential oils. Among its components highlights the thiosulfinate, a disinfectant that eases breathing and relieves the bronchi.

Drosera: Beneficial both to combat colds such as bronchitis. Mixed 10 grams drosera with 40 grams of coltsfoot, 20 grams pulmonaria and 30 grams plantain. Boil the mixture (one tablespoon per cup of water). After ten minutes, it is filtered and takes hot. It is advisable to repeat 2-3 times a day to ease sore throats and reduce nasal congestion.

Chicken Soup: A dish as simple as effective in reducing respiratory infection.

Mucus in the children chest

Children are especially vulnerable to respiratory problems. To improve its defenses we can use these natural remedies:

Dried apricots in breakfast cereals: Rich in vitamin A of vegetable origin, help protect the tissues that line the respiratory tract.

Kiwi: Mix Kiwi with yogurt for a significant contribution of vitamin C.