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Bleeding and swollen gums: The best solutions

A swollen and bleeding gums are an obvious sign that something is wrong in our mouth. What are the best solutions in these cases? The gum care is an essential part to ensure proper oral health. And it is a gum disease can result, for example, a problem of anemia (very white gum) or infection (red and swollen gums).

Healthy gums look like a pale pink, firm, thin and fine. In addition to regular visits to the dentist to prevent plaque and tartar, there are other habits that is in our hand to adopt.

swollen and bleeding gums

We tend to take care of our mouth when we hurt, regardless that most oral disorders often move silently, without causing discomfort only.

Therefore it is often important to review our teeth and gums, which, incidentally, are especially vulnerable to infections and external attacks (bacteria, sudden brushed …).

Causes of Bleeding gums

The mouth can be a source of infection. Do you often have bleeding gums? For bleeding gums when you brush, it may be because you are using too hard brush and aggressive or gums are inflamed (gingivitis) by bacterial plaque.

What is the best solution? Changing the brush and keep brushing soft and maintained to clear inflammation. If not, you should consult your dentist.

The accumulation of tartar on the teeth end up affecting the gums, which become irritated, inflamed and bleed, gradually deteriorating and causing what is known as gingivitis. If nothing is done on time may result in periodontitis, namely the destruction of tissue supporting the teeth.

Among the most common symptoms: dark (especially in the area that touches the gums) teeth; gum bleeding, inflamed and reddened, which can be reached off the teeth; teeth that move or come apart, and bad breath and bad taste in mouth.

Bleeding gums and swollen: Remedies

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables provides the oral auto higiene eliminating bacteria in an indirect way. One of the vitamins most can do for our oral health is vitamin D, which strengthens teeth (plus bones).

We can be found in foods like salmon. Herbal teas are also a good ally of our oral health, such as mauve and salvia. To prevent gum inflammation is necessary to reinforce the gum tissue.

To this end, it is advisable to make mouthwash with a joint infusion of mauve. Mix 20 grams of mauve and calendula with 10 eucalyptus and salvia.

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Due to its astringent, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory effect, it is also recommended to perform mouth rinses with a decoction of leaves and cranberry nut, using one tablespoon heaped by a glass of water.

Besides brush, it is also advisable to floss. If you have never used it before, at first your gums may bleed, but little by little, this will no longer happen because flossing strengthens gums. You have to use at least once a day to remove food from between the teeth that the brush can not drag.

Another interesting choice toothpastes and mouthwashes are formulated with propolis. Improve oral hygiene and strengthen the gums. Among other benefits, reduce plaque, responsible for tooth decay and improve gingival tissue. We can prepare the mouthwash at home, adding a few drops of propolis extract to salvia infusion.

Another tip we should not forget, the snuff is a bad ally of our oral health.