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Natural Remedies for excess fat in the scalp

Excess fat in the scalp can be caused by different reasons, although all becomes a problem for the sufferer. And it’s not just a problem that dermal but also aesthetic, by the appearance of hair with excess sebum.

excess fat in scalp

It is more frequent during life stages such as adolescence problem and, in the case of women, during pregnancy, although it can occur at other times. Thus, among the causes that can lead to excess fat in the scalp the include genetics, the stress, the use of shampoos and harsh hair products, a poor diet and some contraceptives. It is also very important to take care of the hair health.

Excess fat in the scalp: home remedies

Some natural remedies, including in our diet will help us to overcome and mitigate the inconvenience of excess sebum in the scalp. Simple remedies, with ingredients that we can find in our pantry.

Brewer’s yeast: A supplement rich in vitamin B6 or pyridoxine, which helps control seborrhea. It may take in flakes, powder or capsules, adding the yogurt, the juice or smoothie. You can even be mixed in the vegetable dish.

Rosemary and Sage: Two plants with beneficial properties for our hair. So, rosemary helps regulate the production of hair grease, it slows down the hair loss. Meanwhile, sage strengthens hair. To prepare a natural conditioner add a teaspoon of each herb to a cup of boiling water. Let cool, strain and apply to the scalp. Rinse with cold water. Repeat twice a week.

Clay Mask: Clay absorbs excess oils from the scalp. To prepare a homemade mask in a bowl mix 3 tablespoons white clay with a little hot water. Mix into a smooth paste. Apply on the hair roots and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash the hair. Repeat once a week.

Selenium and zinc: Both help to prevent seborrhea and eliminate progressively. For this purpose, includes diet foods rich in these elements. It’s rich in selenium brazil nuts, eggs and whole grains. This mineral is also effective against dandruff. Meanwhile, zinc is found in pumpkin seeds, beef liver and oysters. This mineral helps to regenerate hair.

Excess fat in the scalp by stress

When the cause of excess fat in the scalp is due to stress and anxiety, emotional situations that may affect the health of hair, a good remedy is found in infusions:

Passionflower: It helps to calm the nerves. It can be combined with valerian.

Nettle: With relaxing effects, this plant helps delay the appearance of oily hair and prevent hair loss.

Hawthorn: Sedative effect, recommended for anxiety.

Dandelion: Controls and reduces seborrhea, while having a calming effect. Take two cups a day.