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7 homemade tricks to lower blood pressure

If you have problems with blood pressure, takes note of these simple homemade tricks, 7 natural remedies that will help you to control blood pressure. Remedies, in addition and without knowing it, have more than you think, in your own pantry.

lower blood pressure

The food plays an essential role in maintaining balanced levels of blood pressure, to which it should pay special attention because if we control them (hypertension) can jeopardize our health. And it is precisely in the food where we will find the best partners to lower those levels, especially if in the last few days we have committed any other excess that may have increased blood pressure. We propose to take note of these homemade tricks that will help you further improve your health.

Natural remedies for lowering blood pressure

These are the 7 natural tricks that lower blood pressure will be much easier and healthy:

Raw garlic: Take 2 cloves of raw garlic a day helps the elasticity of arteries providing relief to the heart, among other benefits. Alternatively, flavored olive oil with garlic and this will ensure the daily dose. Add a liter of olive oil with 20 garlic cloves, peeled and halved, left to macerate (3 weeks) and takes a couple of teaspoons a day in salad or bread toasts.

Plum and grape juice: Prepare a juice with 2 purple plums and a cup of black grapes. The properties of these two fruits help reduce the risk of hypertension. Take this juice will help maintain balanced blood pressure levels.

Olive leaf tea: Combine the olive tree with hawthorn for infusion that helps maintain balanced blood pressure. To prepare: Boil one tablespoon of this mixture per cup of water and take it three times a day before meals.

Citrus juice: Prepare juices with citrus or use it as a dressing of dishes, combined with vinegar, herbs and spices.

Sesame Oil: Appreciated for its high content in mono-and polyunsaturated fats and sesamin, asset that helps keep blood pressure and cholesterol under control. It is used mostly for dressing, in small amounts since it is intensely flavored.

Celery seed: As a substitute for salt. It’s a rich seasoning in potassium, a mineral that helps to offset the sodium present naturally in the food that we eat, and apigenin, a compound that dilates blood vessels. It can be mixed with garlic, onion powder, and cumin.

Fresh vegetables: Rich in potassium and magnesium and the vegetables must be present at the main meals. Also, eating a diet rich in fresh vegetables helps lose weight, weight gain to be a risk factor for blood pressure.