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Natural remedies for muscle pain

Muscle aches are one of the most common problems, and maybe that’s why the underestimate. Do you know what it is and how to avoid them? We turn to natural remedies as allies to face them.

relieve muscle pain

Lack of exercise, a strain, and the postures are the main cause of muscle aches. Although there are also the emotions, i.e., certain vital situations that produce muscle tension reducing its flexibility. Muscle pain can affect every day and even disrupt nighttime sleep.

To relieve symptoms of muscle pain it is not always necessary to use drugs, because sometimes, if it is a minor or transitory problem, we can use the natural herbs with therapeutic properties. The herbs that have a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Let’s see, then some of these natural remedies that can be very useful to us.

Natural Remedies for muscle pain

Excellent, thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and analgesic properties, meadowsweet (Spiraea ulmaria), a plant widely used to soothe the pain and that can be combined with devil’s claw and willow. You can drink in tea, leaving marinate for a few minutes the dried flowers of the plant in a cup of boiling water. Take at least twice a day, morning and evening.

If pain in the muscles appears when stretching movements and are more concentrated in the joints (hands, knees …), you can use a plant with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, known as the devil’s claw, a climbing perennial with a characteristic shape of hook that is recommended in cases of joint pain, rheumatic to reduce pain; and Boswellia serrata, a native herb to the subtropical regions of Africa and anti-inflammatory properties.

To provide relief to muscles and joints, it is best to take the capsules based extract of one of the two herbs twice daily, after the two main meals.

When the muscle pain is the result of efforts and excessive overloading of the muscles and joints during physical activity, it is recommended to use herbs such as rose hip, of action, relaxing and analgesic. It can be taken in capsules made of dry extract.

A good massage also helps reduce inflammation and muscle pain. The perfect mix for an invigorating massage is the juniper, thyme and tea tree oil. A few drops of essential oil of each component simply mixed in 100ml of almond oil. Another option is the essential oil of thyme, mixed with lavender, perfect for adding to a warm, relaxing bath.

Muscle pain can also be caused by trauma, bruises and shock. In this case, we can rely on the anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of arnica. It is best to use your topical essential oil. Less well known as a therapeutic remedy, being more appreciated by its delicious fragrance, it is that the lilacs also have painkillers and anti-inflammatory properties, being a useful remedy for contractures, stretching and muscle aches. To do this, mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with almond oil and apply to the painful area.