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Natural Remedies to relieve headache without drugs

Most often, before a headache, is to use the medicine, looking for an aspirin for example, to relieve uncomfortable symptoms. However, taking drugs whenever a headache occurs, it can have the opposite effect and even aggravate symptoms. If the headache does not refer, or is presented in a way more common than it should, you should consult the doctor, as there may be a more severe health problem.

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There are many causes that can cause headaches. But, how do you relieve pain without resorting to drugs? To begin, remember that self-medication is never a good option, especially because we can be masking the symptoms. Then we will see some of the tips and most effective natural remedies to end the headache without side effects:

Drink a glass of water: Before resorting to drugs, try to drink water. Did you know that losing just 2% of water reserves may appear headache? Hydration is critical, and sometimes headache appears to not drinking enough water throughout the day. In fact, several scientific studies have found that drinking water regularly helps reduce the intensity of headaches and migraines, while reducing the need for medications. Remember that drinks like coffee, alcohol or drinks with too much sugar can promote dehydration.

Use Cayenne: Cayenne is considered one of the most effective natural remedies to reduce inflammation and pain, thanks to one of its components, capsaicin. No need to eat, just apply a little into the nostrils. To do this, then add a little more than one teaspoon of Cayenne (powdered) in warm water. We dip a cotton ball and place it on the nose for a few minutes. At first, it may be a bit unpleasant, but it works.

Eating almonds: Take a handful of almonds is a healthy choice and a good alternative to drugs to relieve the headache. And is that the almonds, among other properties, acts as a pain reliever thanks to its salicin content. Of course, we should not take them in case of migraines.

Apple Cider vinegar steam: Among the properties that throughout history, have been attributed to apple cider vinegar include fever relief from scurvy reduce headache. If we have a throbbing headache, we can prepare the following mixture: A cup of apple cider vinegar for every 3 of boiling water, and one more than cold water. Pour half the vinegar in the water, we put a towel over head, like a curtain, and inhale the steam. It is so convenient for 5-10 minutes. When finished, clean the face with a towel and drink a glass of cold water.

Relaxation and breathing exercises: We are under so much stress throughout the day, without realizing it, we end up with muscle problems (back, neck and shoulders), triggering factor for a possible tension-type headache. To avoid this, we can use the yoga – help to relax muscles and clear mind. Spend a few minutes a day to practice yoga prevents headaches. You also have to care about every breath, taking advantage of oxygen. Spend a few minutes a day to make deep breaths, filling the lungs well, and if possible in an outdoor space, better, for all the fresh oxygen and help relax the body and mind.

Take ginger root: Among the many properties of ginger is also included helping relieve headaches and if migraines, control nausea. It can be taken as an infusion, adding ginger root in a cup of hot tea.

Apply peppermint oil: From calming effect, clears mint and relieves discomfort. It can be applied on the skin (temples, jaw, and forehead) – in cases of sensitive skin, mix with water or olive oil – to relieve pain.