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Yellowish and thick discharge before menstruation: What does it mean?

A mid-cycle, and when exposed to air, the flow tends to acquire a yellow cast. Changes in the appearance of vaginal discharge, and even the amount that should be monitored, as there are many reasons that can be, and is also sometimes symptoms of some other problem like an infection. Obvious changes in the color, the smell, the consistency, the quantity, accompanied in most cases by burning, itching, swelling, or other discomfort. Let’s see more closely what can make us suspect the mirror yellowish discharge before menstruation.

yellowish discharge before menstruation

Bacterial vaginosis

It is one of the possible causes of the presence of mirror flow and yellow in color. We should consult the doctor to apply the most appropriate treatment (antibiotics, vaginal creams …) to stop the infection. Yellowish flow is also associated with vaginitis, called caused by Candida. In this case, the flow is thick, frothy, yellow-green color. It is often accompanied by itching and pain in the vulva area. One should not underestimate this infection, as can be extended easily to the fallopian tubes.


In case of cervicitis, also produced inflammation of the cervix. The vaginal secretion, in addition to acquiring a yellowish hue, can also smell.

Cervical polyps and STDs

Other causes that can explain this change of vaginal discharge are the presence of cervical polyps, STDs and other pelvic inflammatory diseases. Gonorrhea, for example, causes a yellowish secretion, and if left untreated can cause even fertility problems.

Warning Signs

If we have doubts about changing hue and thick vaginal discharge, should pay attention to these signs:

  • Vaginal discharge also has a bad smell
  • The discharge is very thick
  • Residual blood flow before or after menstruation
  • Intense itching in the genital area
  • Abdominal pain by maintaining intimate relationships.


Take care of personal hygiene and maintain safe intimate relationships are two basic rules to prevent infection. Although the female body has a self-cleaning mechanism of their genital areas, you should always clean the area after going to the bathroom. Avoid scented soaps in this area. One of the best remedies to activate the cleaning mechanism is yogurt, very effective against infections. It is also advisable to follow a proper diet, avoiding too tight underwear and drink plenty of water every day, the best detoxifying.