Food And Nutrition

Not all fibers are equal

The fiber, in fact, can not be considered a food, but some of them, particularly those of vegetable origin, our metabolism is unable to seize or absorb, but it should be present in our diet. It is usually associated with the digestive function and improvement of the intestinal transit, but the truth is that fiber also helps reduce cholesterol and regular the levels of glucose in blood, among other functions.


How many types of fiber are there? There are two major types, insoluble and soluble, depending on the different solubility in water. The first type of fiber is capable of absorbing significant quantities of water and performs, consequently, a natural laxative function favoring the intestinal transit. This demonstrates the benefits to prevent constipation, diverticulosis and even the appearance of colon cancers.

The soluble fiber, meanwhile, it is especially recommended if you are following a weight loss program, contributing to the formation of a gelatinous mass that can be extended by the stomach lining and stimulate the feeling of satiety. In the intestine its help reduce the absorption of certain nutrients, an equally important factor to promote weight loss. In addition, this type of fiber has other benefits, such as helping in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Recommended dosage

Moderation is the key. To get all the benefits of a food, we must always consume it in moderation. In the case of fiber, it is equal. Taking too much fiber can have just the opposite effect. We recommend taking between 25 to 35 grams per day.

Fiber supplements are a good ally in this sense, but without losing sight of the fact that the soluble fiber, for example, can be found in large quantities in fruits, vegetables and oats (which in addition to helping you lose weight is also good to avoid the problems of insomnia) and insoluble fiber in bran cereals. The fiber, as we have pointed out, is an ally to favor the balance of intestinal microflora getting positive effects on the overall health. Therefore, it is good to take it regularly, as a healthier habit.