Osteoarthritis: Beware of injuries

We are facing a pathology that have about 10% of the population and is the leading cause of permanent disability. Although it is a disease that’s commonly been related to aging, arthritis manifests after 40 and even though with some peculiarities, osteoarthritis can be diagnosed in children and young people, when an injury is caused by produced articular cartilage.


The OA is synonymous with joint wear, which can manifest after 40, especially among athletes or those persons who perform, with some joints in concrete, a repetitive motion. Knees, spine, hips, and fingers of the hands are the most affected areas of the body. Osteoarthritis can affect one or more joints.

Osteoarthrit is not exclusively a disease of adulthood, as it can also appear at earlier ages. Although it is a exceptional diagnostic, osteoarthritis, with certain features, may appear in children and young people caused by injury to the articular cartilage. The causes are different, but the truth is that specialists underscore the importance of prevent injury from an early age to avoid precisely greater risks in adulthood. In other words, in the infantile stage you may suffer some of the factors that make us more vulnerable to suffering from osteoarthritis to make us greater.

Joint problems have a direct bearing on the development of children and adolescents, such as suffering an inflammatory joint condition such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis – disease that can cause serious joint injuries, in some cases forcing the placement of a knee or hip, ostearticulares infections, injuries to the cartilage joint or osteomyelitis (injury to the cartilage growth).

The microtrauma, or minor traumas but repeated, during childhood may favor the appearance of injury in the area of the articular cartilage, which if not avoided may trigger arthritis in adulthood. Similar consequences that may have meniscal injuries, ligament or chronic overload. The practice of certain sports without adequate protection, such as football, handball or basketball, carries a higher risk of microtrauma.

To avoid problems, both in childhood and in adulthood, prevention is essential and, if its appear, treat them in the most appropriate manner. Early diagnosis, as in any aspect of health, is a vital tool to prevent future risks.

Osteoarthritis: Risk Factors

Among the risk factors of osteoarthritis, in addition to age, there are the problems of overweight or obesity, lack of exercise or malformations in the axes of the extremities (arms and legs). And of course, food, which must be healthy, varied and balanced. A dietary advice, stop the rye bread.

Osteoarthritis is a hereditary disease, so we must be especially vigilant if there is family history.

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