Health Tips

Pay attention to your nails

What’s behind those slight white spots? Why my nails are yellow? Why have its changed shape? In addition to an aesthetic issue, pay attention to the nails is health issue because they may reveal that something is wrong in our body.

The blows, stains or shape changes reveal much about our wellbeing. As doctors say, provide valuable and reliable information on the habits and medical history of the patient. Let’s see some issues to consider.

healthy nails

White spots

These imperfections may signal damage to the cuticle, the thin, tough skin that borders the bottom of the nail. Its function is to act as a seal, keeping moisture and blocking entry of bacteria and even chemicals (nail polish remover with acetone, glazes, for example).

When the cuticle is cut in excess, can cause the nail to grow poorly or that some kind of infection. White spots can not be scraped. For a strong nails, keep a healthy cuticle.

Horizontal Slots

Slots or horizontal marks usually have a traumatic cause, for example, a stroke, but may also appear after being sick, having fever and even because of stress.

When cells stop metabolic activity, nails continue to grow smooth and uniform, causing long-term (2-3 months) the appearance of these hallmarks.

Do not try to scrape the nail, as this may weaken further. It is best to consult a doctor to apply the right product that allows to make less visible imperfections at the time that helps to strengthen the nail.

Depressions or Beau’s lines

Beau’s lines are depressions that usually appear after a hit, such as closing a drawer. Hits that can is harmful especially for matrix of the nail (the crescent at the base of the nail). Beau’s lines may also reveal a problem of diabetes and even alert us that our food is not healthy enough.

Nails break

If the nails break easily is that they are weak, for example by excessive exposure to water or chemicals. To help strengthen nails may be appropriate to increase the intake of biotin, found in foods such as fish or eggs, and also in supplements.

Some daily habits also help protect the nails, such as using gloves to wash latos, avoid applying products with alcohol (better to use soap and water, dry thoroughly and then apply a moisturizing lotion), and careful when doing manicure.

Longitudinal ridges or edges

in some cases are caused by age (as wrinkles, but for nails). However, if it suddenly appear, it may be indicative of onychorrhexis, a symptom of inflammation of the skin, such as psoriasis, alopecia or hair loss or rashes on the body. The solution is to consult a dermatologist to treat skin problems and, by extension, affects the nails.

Thick and yellow nail

The fungal infection, called onychomycosis, occurs mainly in the toenails as a result of walking barefoot in damp places. With proper treatment the problem will disappear, though, should be treated to avoid negative consequences, and above all we must avoid to repeat. Always use proper footwear for walking in the areas of showers and public swimming pools.