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Perfect moments to meditate

Any time of day is suitable for meditation if we learn to use meditation as a tool that helps us to manage better the emotions, cope with more serenity obstacles and, ultimately, to live more entirely every day. Let’s discover what are the perfect moments to pay attention to the relaxation of our mind.

moments to meditate

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When we get up

To get up, and start the day with energy and peace, it is considered one of the best times to meditate. Spend a few minutes to awaken to relax the mind, before tackling the tasks and responsibilities of daily living. Something so simple that, become habit, helps us to face the day with more serenity and optimism.

When walking

Going for a walk is much more than taking one step after another. It is the best opportunity to relax your mind and focus on what surrounds us, in our breathing, in our footsteps and the sensations that gives us the space in which we live. Free your mind by observing what you have around, but without stopping or judging.

When exercising

Yes, you can meditate when exercising and that, already, reports benefits to physical and mental level, because it helps us to feel more relaxed and improve our mood. But we can still get more out if the exercise we focus on what we feel to do each move, to breathe, to feel sensations and put the mind in what we are doing at the time. Leave aside any other thoughts and focus on what you are doing at the moment, whether these are abs, push-ups…

When Eating

To dwell in food, in the colors, the flavors, ultimately, eating with the five senses. Focus on the food passes to create the right environment, devoting at least 20 minutes, far from mobile and computers and sitting at the table.

From there, eating with attention will make us enjoy more food and relax the mind.

Leaving work

Dedicated 5-10 minutes at the end of the working day for meditation to calm the mind to not bring home stress and labor concerns. A few minutes help you to download negative thoughts and relieve tensions. You will make better use of your free time if you do not carry the work in your head to continue giving it back.

At sleep

Just at the time of going to bed, when we are liberated from the concerns and day to day tasks. Prepare the room for it, turning off the light (or leaving a very soft light), away from noises. Simply lie down and focus on breathing, relaxing as you are aware that today the day is over and you can rest. It is easier to sleep when our mind relaxes with the practice of meditation.