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Piercing in the frenulum of the tongue: Care and hazards

The frenulum of the tongue, though inconspicuous, has also become one of the points of the body on which to place a piercing. However, it is also a delicate area, so that, as well as follow a series of basic care, before doing so should be noted the dangers that can lead to.


The piercing anywhere in the mouth may involve risks and oral lesions. Although it is only visible to grin or show, the frenulum of the tongue is also a place where you can put. But be careful, because the tongue is a sensitive area because it is a small fold of tissue. Among the basic care we must take in performing a piercing inside the mouth, including the frenulum of the tongue:

  1. Brushing teeth and tongue at least 4 times a day, using a suitable brush.
  2. Clean the piercing daily with mouthwash (non-alcoholic) twice a day and with two other physiological saline.
  3. Avoid eating acidic or spicy foods, such as lemon, pepper, mustard…
  4. Follow a bland diet the first 2 weeks for the tongue recover without problems.
  5. Avoid talking excessively to reduce swelling.
  6. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for 2 weeks.
  7. Avoid playing with the piercing.
  8. Drink water. We can also suck on ice.

After the first month, it is advisable to remove the piercing to make a clean and prevent buildup of bacteria under the tongue, which can cause irritation or mouth ulcers.

Fashion tends to mark the place where to the piercing, a most proper, without doubt, the younger, trend although in absolute vetoed for the rest. However, we must be cautious. For example, the piercing in the frenulum of the tongue may pose problems after placement. The most common, inflammation, pain, difficulty for chewing and speaking, altered sense of taste, increased salivation, bleeding, infection, and allergy.

In addition, in the medium to long term may appear other lesions in tissues, such as cracks, abrasions, deformity in the area, ulcers, scar tissue growth or the loss of the triangle of the gum between the teeth. The most serious injury is produced in the area in which the tooth rests on the gum, caused by chronic inflammation and can result in bone loss, increased risk of infection and tooth drop.

Before putting a piercing should consider all matters relating to its care, cleaning and possible risks. And very importantly, always be in the hands of professionals, both to check all doubts as to place the piercing. If any sign of risk appears, it is best to remove the piercing.