Pilates exercises for the back

We usually do not pay attention until that begin the first inconvenience. However, the back is a fundamental part of the body that needs attention and care on a daily basis. The practice of physical exercise not only helps strengthen the muscles, but it is the best way to protect our health. Healthy habit that we can put into practice with the pilates method, designed to care for the physical and mental health.

pilates for back

The pilates method is not just a training program, but it is a discipline designed to increase muscle strength and flexibility, helping to maintain the balance between body and mint and ensuring precise execution of movements.

The pilates method combines physical exercise with breathing, mental relaxation and meditation. A method is also recommended to strengthen our back and abs.


Exercise 1: Lying on the floor with bent legs, put your hands behind your head; slowly raise head and shoulders. Accompany the exercise with proper breathing, taking a deep breath and exhaling to start after lifting head and shoulders. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Exercise 2: Lie on your back with your head and shoulders slightly elevated, raise the legs. Bend the right leg and hold the knee with the hands of the hands. Hold the position for a few seconds. Alternate legs and repeat the exercise 10 times. If we notice pain or tightness in the neck when doing this exercise, do it with your head resting on the ground.

Exercise 3: Lying on the floor on your back, with the arms behind your head. We lift legs and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. Slightly raise the head while with the legs we are alternating to touch the ground, first with the top of the right foot and then with the left foot.

Exercise 4: Lying on the floor with your hands behind your head, slightly raise the arms (elbows wide open). We bend and stretch both legs alternately. In every move, rotate your torso to the bent leg. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

Exercise 5: Lying on the floor, place your legs at right angles, with arms outstretched and parallel to the ground. Keep your head held high, with the staring at the knees. Inhale to get hands and exhale to lower them. Repeat the exercise 10 times.


Pilate’s exercises are very useful for the back, not only because it strengthen the muscle tissue, but because it help prevent pain, a condition that over the years can become disabling. Among the most effective exercises:

Exercise 1: Lying on the floor, placing legs squatting towards the chest, hugging knees with hands. Stay in this position 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise three times.

Exercise 2: Seated in a chair, bend your torso forward and slide your arms down. Maintain the position for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise 3 times.

Exercise 3: Standing, bend the body forward, trying to bring the head to the knees and placing your hands behind your heels. You try to keep your legs straight without bending the knees during exercise. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise 3 times.

Exercise 4: Lying on the floor, bend one leg bringing the knee toward the chest, holding the knee with your hands. The other leg should be straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 2 times for each leg.

Exercise 5: Lying face down, lift your torso, supporting hands on the floor with legs extended. We must try to place the bust at an acute angle with the ground. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat the exercise twice.