Pranayama: Control your breathing to relieve stress

Many times we feel more tired than usual, or even suffer frequent headaches. These are two of the direct consequences of stress that triggers follow a busy lifestyle or living a difficult situation to confront. To relieve stress and reduce these effects, we show you how to control your breath by pranayama.


What is pranayama?

The Pranayama is a term that refers to the respiratory exercises of the yoga, which help to concentrate and manipulate the prana, better known as the vital energy. Its practice has great physical, mental and spiritual effects, and is suitable for all those looking for relaxation or the inner peace. Furthermore, the term yama shows that it is a controlled breathing at all times.

Basic exercises

There are many exercises in the pranayama, but this time we will teach you to control your breath with two very simple and similar exercises that can practice at any time and to help you eliminate the unpleasant effects of stress.

The first exercise is responsible for ease and prevent headache. Blocks with the thumb finger or override of the right hand the right nostril, so that no air is drawn by it. Breathe deeply through your left nostril and hold your breath, also covering the left nostril if necessary, although this is optional. Finally, release all the air slowly. Perform 5 repetitions and then rest for a few minutes, since to do too much continued can stun you.

The second exercise is very similar, and used to eliminate fatigue and get more vitality. Just like as previous exercise, use your thumb or ring to cover the left nostril and let free only right. Breathe deeply, hold your breath for a few seconds and release the air content. Perform 5 repetitions and rest.

The best thing for these exercises is that take effect throughout the day, so you go through the exchange of the nostril by you breathe. With this not only you will relieve the negative effects of the stress, but will also feel much more relaxed and full of energy.