Digestive Problems

Protect the stomach naturally: 10 foolproof keys

How to relieve occasional discomfort and protect stomach? We discovered the 10 keys that will help us avoid minor discomfort, the feeling of revolt belly or heaviness in the stomach, among others.

protect stomach

The upset stomach is one of the most common ailments, at the same time uncomfortable. Pay attention to this trouble, because when they cease to be sporadic may indicate that there is a more severe health problem. If symptoms persist, we should consult our doctor. Nerves, stress, an unbalanced diet, excessive eating… are some of the causes that can cause common gastric problems.

Let’s see, 10 keys, what can we do to protect our stomach and prevent the uncomfortable inconvenience, especially when it is only necessary to modify some daily habits to improve our health.

Chew well and take small portions. In this way, we help the stomach to work less when digesting food. Also, chewing food helps prevent bloating.

Avoid excess salt and sugar. Taking more than 3 grams of salt per day can promote fluid retention and swelling of the abdomen. Meanwhile, sugar abuse may affect kidney function, hampering the elimination of water.

Add fiber to the diet. The fiber facilitates intestinal transit, although it must be taken in perspective, and to take it in excess can cause gas or bloating.

Eat slowly and avoid fizzy drinks. Eating in a hurry can cause bloating of the area, as well as abuse of fizzy drinks.

Avoid naps after eating. Should wait 30-60 minutes before beginning the nap, since to lie down just after eating, especially if we’ve eaten too much, may promote the development of gas or indigestion. Before beginning the nap, if it can, it is convenient to give a small and soft walk of between 15-20 minutes, to promote digestion and prevent stomach rise with heaviness.

Beware of drugs. Medications such as anti-inflammatories can cause heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux. If these symptoms appear, consult our physician to avoid taking them.

Practice relaxation exercises. Yoga is a good choice as relaxation therapy or meditation, especially in cases of stress or nervousness.

Avoid extra kilos. The excess weight may promote the development of reflux. It is advisable to accompany the diet with exercise to improve symptoms.

Breathing in a controlled manner. Spend a few minutes per day to breathe deeply. According to experts, it helps prevent heartburn.

Avoiding certain foods. There are certain foods such as chocolate, alcohol or fatty foods, which can promote excess acid during digestion. Something similar happens with heavy or spicy foods.